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7 steps to start with the 5 Biological Laws – 5BL

On this page we offer the first 7 steps to enter the world of the 5BL – this is for the many readers who would like to know what this website is about.

Below are the 5 Biological Laws of Nature discovered in 1981 by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (remember, with only one "M") – he himself called them with the name of German New Medicine, and this is defined as "a severe science that contains only 5 biological laws of nature (and no hypotheses); with this one can reproduce every clinical case in a strictly scientific way".
In extreme synthesis, this is a model capable of explaining with great precision the close correlation between the perceptions of our “psyche” and the symptoms in a human body.
For example, we take for granted that when we burn one of our fingers by touching a hot pot, we have an immediate muscle reflex which automatically moves away our arm.
Or that, when we get scared, we have a throat reflex and we feel our throat tighten.
Or again, that when we get angry, we feel our stomach close.
It is a little less obvious but we can also verify that, if we lose contact with someone, there is a reflex to desensitize our skin immediately.
Continuing in this way, we can say that any other symptoms our body manifests is a reaction to something that happens to us.

Then the 5 Biological Laws – 5BL answer the questions: Why that symptom? Why that disease? Why me? And why now - in this moment of my life?

The original texts written by Dr. Hamer are available to the public (here a presentation written by him of the 5BL in a PDF file [ITA]), while here below I explain the 5BL with my own words, starting from the 5th and going backwards.
I really suggest you to start with the last law, because the 5th Law is the essence of all of Hamer's work.

For those who have never heard of the 5 Biological Laws before, we recommend the first step "to learn to walk in this world" is to download the free introductory booklet:

Step 0) Introductory booklet – The Disease According to the Model of the 5 Biological Laws
If you prefer listening to lectures, rather than reading, we strongly suggest the free lectures for beginners, available on our 5BL DEX courses website.

Step 1) The Fifth Biological Law - the Quintessence

Step 2) The Fourth Biological Law - microbes

Step 3) The Third Biological Law - function

Step 4) The Second Biological Law – the 2 phases

Step 5) First Biological Law – the DHS

Now that you are starting to discover what this is all about, you can poke around, in the ETIOLOGY menu at the top right, looking for the precise correlation between the 2 phases curve and the symptoms one’s body can manifests (pathologies).
However, before you poke around, it is imperative that you learn the basics in order to have verification methodology, or a way to verify, because the 5 Biological Laws are precise and strict, and can become harmful if handled without being precise.

Step 6) A way to verify: Verification method

Now you can poke around in the ETIOLOGY menu.
These are the first steps to be able to start understanding the theory aspect.
Now that you understand that The 5 Biological Laws describe the cause of the so-called "diseases," it is time to get rid of a popular illusion, which is also a dangerous trap:

Step 7) The Biological Laws are NOT a therapy or a method for healing.

And so, what are they for?

I hope you have learned something new from this page that tries to give an introduction for the basic theoretical principles.
You will certainly benefit from going over the seven steps one more time, because once you repeat them with a more general insight it allows us to feels more prepared in moving forward.
Yet, if you would like to dive into this subject as quickly as possible, we have created a series of online lessons that cover all the topics in a very specific and organized way, and for all levels of depth: choose the one you prefer.

At some point, everything will seem so simple that you wouldn’t believe it was so easy to learn it!
In fact, it will seem simple to you, because instead it is not simple at all: you will realize in time, that the perceptual reality of human beings is so extremely articulated, that decoding it in each individual is a difficult and fascinating journey - and that it almost never matches with what it appeared at first glance.
The Step #8 will therefore come by itself in time: for now just focus without exaggerating on the first major obstacle: the progressive understanding of a new paradigm which turns everything upside down!
Start verifying in your own life, on yourself, practically and methodically and taking advantage of every possible opportunity, how these laws of nature can be verified.

5LB Magazine has developed a system with plenty of tools in order to accelerate this process.
You can also follow 5LB Magazine with your smartphone.

What are the scientific foundations of this paradigm?
I want to know more about the therapies!

Treating the symptom versus treat the cause of the symptom.
More about healing
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